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Wadi Rum Desert - Jordan | Photo by Julien Lavallée on Unsplash

How to Travel From Egypt To Jordan

One of the major doubts I had during my trip, was on how was I suppose to enter Jordan. 

Jordan seems close to Egypt, and they’re both on the usual Middle East route but they don’t actually have any land borders. So people usually have difficulty getting to and from both countries.

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path to the holy land

The Path to The Holy Land

Not sure where to travel next? Why not follow the path of prophet Moses and make your way from Egypt to the holy land?

That’s what I always try to do on my trips. Find an interesting story/character and then follow their pilgrimage. Many famous heroes and prophets have made pilgrimages and for many, it was considered a rite of passage or a way to truly find themselves. So why not follow the roads where so many great individuals found wisdom and clarity?

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Cold Shower Benefits

The Benefits Of Cold Showers And Why You Should Start Taking Them Everyday

How can such a minor thing impact one’s life so much?

It’s not about the cold itself, it’s about the strength of mind that is needed to rotate the temperature gauge and doing what no one else would even think of doing. The hesitation you feel when you wake up early in the morning, get naked in front of the shower deciding whether you turn on the cold or the hot water is the same one you feel when you have to make quick harsh decisions in other areas of your life.

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Things You Need To Know Before Travelling To Egypt

Egypt was the first country I visited on my first solo adventure around the world. It is not the easiest place to travel on your own for the first time, but if you like a challenge and you’re open to adventures, embrace your fears and go for it! Here’s the list of the things I wish I’d known before setting foot on Cairo.

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