Top 3 Hardest Isometric Core Exercises

Most men who work out want to have awesome abs.

In fact, if you ask most guys, it is probably the muscle group that they are most concerned about.

Having prominent, visible abs is the ultimate sign of being super fit.

But everyone knows and repeatedly does the typical ab exercises: Crunches, planks, russian twists, etc. While they may be great, doing the same exercises over and over again may drain your motivation to go the gym and stall your results.

In this article, I’m going to show you some of the most effective and hardest isometric core exercises that you can start doing if you’re already advanced, or start practicing the right moves so you can be able to do these awesome exercises.

They are tough – certainly not for everyone – and most certainly you won’t be able to do any of them right away.

But they are also incredibly effective – and if you are able to master them, you’ll improve your results tremendously.

The Dragon Flag


The dragon flag was originally popularized by Bruce Lee, and was also featured in Rocky as part of Stallone’s intensive training regime.

To do the dragon flag, you lie on a standard weight bench, and grip the end of the bench with both hands firmly for support.

At this point, slowly hoist your body up into a vertical position, with your feet pointing towards the ceiling, legs straight, and your weight resting on the back of your shoulders.

From there, the goal is to bring your legs down slowly while keeping your body as straight as possible.

Once you get to the bottom, pause, and then bring your body back up to the starting position – again, trying not to bend your knees – and at no point should your lower back make contact with the bench.

This is a very hard exercise, and to do this you’ll need to have an already well-developed core.

However, it’s awesome to do, and you’ll feel like a bad ass doing it.

Front Lever


This is an exercise that very, very few people can do – even the ones that have been practising calisthenics for years!

To do these, you’ll want to stand under a straight pull-up bar, and grab it with a shoulder-width grip. Even a home pull-up bar will do.

Then pull yourself into a hanging position, as if you were going to do a regular pull-up – but then instead of completing the pull-up, use your core and back muscles to pull your entire body completely straight, so that you are horizontal to the ground.

This should look kind of like an upside down plank when done correctly.

From there, the goal is to try to hang on in that position as long as possible.

The Human Flag

This one sits in a way higher level of difficulty than the other 2 exercises. For me, it’s the hardest isometric core exercise of them all. I’ve been able to do front levers and dragon flags for a long time, but I still struggle with the Human Flag.

It requires incredible shoulder, core strength and endurance to pull off, but it looks awesome and impressive.

Imagine doing a dragon flag horizontally as you hold on to a pole.

In fact, when does correctly, it kind of looks like you’re floating in mid air.