My Top 5 Essential Travel Items

1 – A Small Backpack

There’s no better feeling while flying, that knowing your backpack is going exactly where you’re going.

Knowing that all your stuff is with you and it’s not going to end up anywhere else across the globe.

That’s why I always bring a small backpack with me, 40L tops.

That way I don’t have to lose time checking in the luggage or waiting for it on arrival,  I can go straight to the bus/train/uber.  Plus, I don’t have to pay extra charges when flying on low-cost airlines!

And it’s easier on your back!

I traveled solo for 2 months with just a 40L bag, from hot to cold countries, so you can do it too.

Unless you really need to take extra equipment, think twice about all the stuff you’re thinking about taking on your trip.

2 – Cargo Pants

Or as I like to call them: Power Pants.

If I’m traveling to a warm country, where I’m not going to be wearing my Power Jacket (see next point), I always take my power pants.

They’re just regular cargo pants with pockets on the sides where I take my Power Bank.

That way I guarantee that I always have my phone charged, and I can even charge it without having to bring a daypack with me. It’s perfect.

I usually go around 2-3 days without having to charge my power bank.

Make sure you get a power bank with at least 10000mAH, otherwise you’ll have to charge it every day.

They’re also great because I can go around without having to carry a small bag.

Most of the items I need go in my pockets, and they’re practically impossible to steal this way!

The same doesn’t occur with a backpack.

I used to be paranoid when standing in lines while using a backpack. I was always afraid of someone sneaking their hands onto my daypack.

3 – A Good Jacket

This one is basically the same as the Power Pants, but in jacket form: The Power Jacket.

If I’m going to a city environment I rather take jeans, so the power bank goes in the inner pocket of my jacket.

Just make sure you get a proper jacket with resistant inner pockets. Otherwise, they’ll rip and all your stuff will go inside your jacket.

My favorite jackets are by far, leather jackets like this one. They look badass and they’re perfect for urban environments.  

The only flaw is that they’re pretty hard to store in your bag. So you’ll have to keep it on most of the times.

4 – A Decent Camera

You may have the latest iPhone or the android phone with the best camera on the market, but nothing gets close to a good old camera. It may be a chore to carry an extra bag with you, but if you’re using the power pants, it’s not that much of a trouble.

You’ll make amazing memories and have awesome experiences while traveling. Make sure you record them with good quality.

I’ve always liked Sony gear, but the camera you choose is up to you. Just make sure you don’t bring a huge and bulky lens (unless you’re a pro photographer).

5 – Noise Cancelling Headphones

This one is a must for me.

I listen to music all the time while I travel.

It helps me create memories and associate songs with them. Each time I’m traveling from place to place I try to listen to a new song, so whenever I listen to it again in the future, all the memories and experiences I had on that place come to my mind.

Plus, they can make normal day-to-day activities a lot more interesting.

Have you ever tried to listen to the Jason Bourne soundtrack while catching a train/metro? It’s intense!

 I’ve recently changed to Bluetooth Earphones and they’re a life changer. Less wires, less trouble.

Make sure you get noise-canceling and foldable headphones like this too, they’re improve your flight experience drastically and they’ll fit perfectly in your bag.