3 Steps To Beat Anxiety

To beat anxiety, one great technique is to create a “period of anxiety”.

It consists of saving some time of your day just to think about your worries and anxious thoughts, instead of staying worried all day long.
With this technique, instead of trying to get rid of a bad thought several times during the day, you’ll only think about it in the time period you choose to be anxious, which in turn will cause you to have control over your anxiety.

Here are 3 awesome steps to start implementing this habit in your daily life.

Choose a Date and Time to Worry

Preferably this time should be the same every day, usually at the end of the day when you get home from work or school.

Find a quiet place where you can be alone and focus on everything that has been bothering you and causing you anxiety.
During this period, you’re allowed to think about everything, but during the rest of the day try to completely avoid these bad thoughts.
By having this quiet and alone time, you’ll realize that your worries may not be that bad after all. Or you’ll find answers on how to solve them.

Delay Your Worries For your “Anxiety time”

If you start getting anxious during the day, hold those thoughts until your “anxious time”, writing them down on a piece of paper so you won’t forget and most importantly, remembering that you’ll have time to think about it later, so there’s no need to worry about it now.

Facing your Anxiety

When your “anxious time” is getting close, get the list of thoughts you wrote down during the day, and think about them. If that thought is still haunting your mind, focus on it and on how to solve it. But only during that time period.

These three steps are more easily said than done, but they’ll play a large role in helping you defeat anxiety. By following this routine, you’re targeting one crucial factor that is causing your anxiety: Lack Of Control.